Post 1: Introduction/ Lesson 1

What they didn’t teach us in school/what you won’t learn from school. 

No matter your goals and aspirations in life there are many important life lessons we must all learn that in most cases are not provided by our schooling system. The social media marketing guru Tai Lopez mentioned financial freedom as one of the more important things we should be learning and I definitely agree. To add to this I think that we all at least need to be introduced to the idea of financial freedom and what it means to be financially stable. I think that one of the biggest things that makes us different within our communities is how much money our household brings in with perspective to our society as a whole. Those who make money have access to better resources and services and therefore have a better chance of living happier and healthier lives.

Of course this idea isn’t necessarily guaranteed but all too often this is the case which is why I think this lesson is important to learn. The unfortunate truth is that if your schools (grades K-12) don’t teach finance and investing these students are missing out on one of life’s biggest lessons. Life is not about acquiring the most money, however money is involved in nearly every aspect of our everyday lives and will be throughout our entire lives. The goal is to do what you love doing while making enough money to live comfortably. 

Thanks for reading part 1 of what school didn’t teach us. This series will go on for as long as those who want to read desire it to continue. Let me know if you agree/disagree and if you have any topics you think we should’ve learned in school. 

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