Post 2 : Getting things done

Such a great title for this entry yet somehow I can’t even manage to do it myself. Lately I’ve been doing a lot, and I do mean a lot. I’m so close to graduating with my bachelors degree yet there always seems to be some pitfall although for me this may be a blessing in disguise. I’m currently about $40,000 in debt and thanks to anatomy as well as my procrastination I now have 1 more full academic year to complete. I hoped to finish my first half of the internship requirements for VCU over the summer but of course their requirements are so strict for my program which I became aware of all too late. Anyways I have debt. Thankfully I don’t have to start paying on it until 6 months after I graduate in which time I only hope I’ll have some job that will allow me to not go bankrupt.

That’s where I currently am financially, and basically what I have been up to.

What I’m doing on a daily basis right now is learning how to avoid this oncoming battle. If you don’t know me personally which you most likely don’t, I simply have big ambitions for my life. It’s been so amazing for me to be exposed to things that I’ve been exposed to including fast/luxurious cars, very nice homes, and most importantly very wealthy people. And more specifically on these wealthy people they have at least given some attention to all of the important factors in their lives that need attention. I may have included this in a previous blog. After watching one of Tai Lopez’s videos he identified that our health, wealth, love, and happiness were the 4 important areas of our lives or something like that. I think that most would agree with this as this statement address the biggest aspects of life.

I also think that most would agree that not everyone here in the states is equal, especially not financially. I personally think that a major problem facing most Americans involves money, more specifically the lack thereof.

In my few years of life thus far I have been fortunate enough to have many if not most of the things I’ve wanted including gaming consoles, clothes/shoes, devices, most things I now wish I hadn’t bugged my parents for. In fact, as of late with so much worry for the future I’ve found myself wishing and wishing that maybe I’d been less wanting of such material items… Anyways, I certainly have been humbled since high school graduation. I was blessed enough to be able to purchase my own brand new car shortly after that graduation, but my first car was certainly no luxury car. I bought a brand new Ford Focus SE and I must take the time here to say specifically for first time buyers, DO NOT BUY BRAND NEW CARS FULL PRICE. Cars are such bad investments that sometimes when I get the feeling from family and friends that I’ll never be able purchase a supercar, I actually feel okay.

After coming to VCU and seeing other kids/students with BMW’s, clothes that make them look much older, and just things that I don’t have, I quickly realized how big the world really is. As a tennis player playing at country clubs I already had some experience seeing people who basically had more money and therefore nicer things but seeing someone your own age with that stuff is definitely eye opening.

Back to the main topic; I’ve been spending everyday of basically the past year learning and experiencing. I’ve met so many great people lately and I honestly think that this has been the most rewarding part for me but I’ve also been spending so much time trying to learn all these different things people are doing to make big money. Now of course for those that may say you shouldn’t chase money I certainly agree, but I feel as if we all know what we’re worth. If you can agree with that statement then please continue to follow my journey as hopefully I’ll be able to persuade you at some point. As they say about us in my generation, we are arrogant or something like that, or at least that’s what I’ve been hearing in my classes. I believe that I am worth much more than a simple $10 an hour, or even $20 an hour. In my case specifically I already am able to charge $35 an hour for teaching tennis with my certification, and even that I feel sometimes is too low for the value I provide.

Plain and simply I just want to at least make what I am worth if I am to stick to the traditional 9-5 system we work in. I’d honestly prefer to take the entrepreneurial approach as I believe that I could provide value not just for some company but rather on a national if not international level; I unfortunately just don’t have all the resources. I spend the time everyday by myself on things like growing my YouTube channel and learning about affiliate marketing. I definitely would agree that it’s better to do it on my own but it’s very tough right now as I suppose it would be for anyone just starting out.

Well, thanks for listening to my story guys. If you made it this far then please be sure to leave me some comments, it really helps to motivate me. I will definitely be back for more very soon as I know that this is the life for me and this blog as well as my social media are simply for me to document this journey and to teach/hopefully motivate others to chase their dreams also.

Thanks so much, see you guys soon!
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2 thoughts on “Post 2 : Getting things done

  1. Isn’t there a quote that goes, “Life is about the journey, not the destination?” I feel like we have so much noise around us with social media and news and the like. It’s good to be able to take a step back and evaluate our thoughts and feelings.

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  2. Alyssa thanks so much for your comment. I absolutely agree and yes I have read this quote many times. For me sometimes I feel unmotivated a bit honestly because it feels as if I’m doing most of life alone. I usually don’t express this emotionally but sometimes I wish I had at least a friend or two to talk with after a hard day’s work. Besides this I feel great, I enjoy everything I’m doing. I love blogging and meeting new people which is why I keep pushing forwards. It sucks to admit it but I too sometimes look for social support for things that I’m doing. Anyways, I’m so glad you commented, by reflecting and reading my own posts and by looking back at how far I’ve come I have all the support I need.


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