Post 3: You’re gonna have to earn it

I heard this phrase from Damon Fryer of Daily Driven Exotics and felt as if I should share it with you guys in case you hadn’t heard it before or just needed to hear it. The simple fact is, no matter what you attribute to success in life you’re gonna have to earn it; no one is gonna hand you a nice car or a nice house.

Sometimes I wish things weren’t so difficult as it’s so easy to give up which many people do. How many great people will not have their voices heard just because they didn’t have the same resources that others may have. I just think it’s a bit unfortunate how things are but this motivates me even more to push for my goals. As a successful entrepreneur I would, as others do, work to help others achieve their dreams too because I believe that their would be no value in life without others to share it with.

Update on my progress 7/1/17
27 subscribers on YouTube, just bought the Nikon D3400 which will be used as the main camera for my videos.
Checkout my channel here

I bought a whiteboard!! Why? For what reason?
My friend and I have purchased the Tanner Fox Amazon Mastery Course and will be starting our journey as Amazon sellers. More updates on this will be coming soon on this blog as well as on my YouTube channel.

$15 off of Online Surveys. My first time ever making money online, I was so excited. I plan to do maybe an hour everyday worth of surveys and will maybe post my weekly earnings. The site is legit, if interested you can sign up in the link below. Our surveys may be a bit different so be sure to comment on this if you do sign up and let me know how the site works for you.

Link to the surveys

So sorry guys, hopefully those of you whom have already seen this will be notified and if you do I don’t mean to spam but I forgot to include the link to Damon’s video. I am of course not being paid to display this I simply think that it will motivate anyone even if you’re not interested in sports cars.
The link to Damon’s video: Click here


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