Post 4: Don’t settle

Continuing on with having the Mindset (posted yesterday), you have to keep working until you reach your goals. In my life this means that after I’ve finished the storyboard or write up for an awesome video, I go out and keep working until I can create my vision. I don’t settle for an edit that doesn’t match my plan/idea. If the edit doesn’t turn out as I planned I usually end up doing it over because it upsets me. You have to have this kind of work ethic to truly become successful because once you’ve finally come to the results you desired, after continuously working at it, you’re gonna feel much more satisfied.

I think that this idea holds especially true for finding true happiness in life in general. If you do something with more consideration of someone else’s opinion than your own, you probably won’t be as happy in the end. Being happy for yourself is ultimately the most important thing in life to have any level success.

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