Post 5: Immerse yourself in your world

You’ve got to want it. Every single day should be spent working towards the life that you want.

I myself will be rereading this post every day and I look forward to building upon this topic in future posts.

I’ve spoken on this topic before but I recently saw it in a motivational video and thought it should be included again so here goes.

You have 24 hours in a day. Mark Zuckerberg has 24 hours, Bill Gates has 24 hours, and you have 24 hours. How we choose to use our time will ultimately dictate the things we get to do and/or get to have in life. You won’t make a million dollars this year if all you do is watch motivational videos and go around telling people how badly you want to be a millionaire. It simply won’t happen. You have to not only want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe, you then have to carry that out.

Every effort helps but you just can’t afford to do nothing. “I’ll do it tomorrow” turns into you looking back a week later remembering how you told yourself that you’d get it done. For me, I write things down. I’m a visual learner so I visually express my plans and daily goals followed by the big picture that I’m working towards. And yes, I write some things and sometimes I create images to represent other things to keep myself interested. If the process became boring then I wouldn’t be as motivated to keep working. I say that to say, make your small goals and work to accomplish something everyday, find your way of staying motivated, and get it done.

Some sacrifices will have to be made. I all too often hear about a major sacrifice I’ve had to adopt over the past few years, even while struggling through the IB program in high school. That sacrifice was sleep. In that same motivational video I linked below the speaker, Eric Thomas, mentions how monumental it can be to sacrifice your sleep to achieve your goals. I can absolutely provide testimony to this cause as even in high school I slept sometimes only 2 hours a night to maintain my 4.8 GPA.

Another quote from Damon Fryer of Daily Driven Exotics (see post titled “You’re gonna have to earn it” for the link to his channel). “If you wanna own a Ferrari, go hang out with people who own Ferrari’s.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement. You have to surround yourself with like minded individuals. If you can’t go and meet these people face to face then communicate through email or social media. In 2017 you are still able to professionally present yourself through an effective email.

Thanks for reading guys. Go get something done today, I’ll see you soon. Leave some comments!

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