Post 6: Investing

Invest or save?

While many including myself have been taught to save your money for times when you’ll really need it I recently have learned that it may be more beneficial to invest your money. For some this may be obvious or maybe they have known to do both but in my case I was never taught to invest my money. I never even realized what it meant to invest my money. Purchasing a car for those that may not know can be considered an investment. In some ways any purchase you make can be seen as an investment. A car would most likely be considered a bad investment as the value of cars depreciate over time unless you’re fortunate enough to purchase a car that becomes sought after such as many exotic sports cars.

I think that this is a very important topic to consider for anyone and everyone as there is no general correct choice for everyone. Everyone should be investing and/or saving their money but often times the money you have sitting in a savings account that grows maybe 2 percent a year could grow substantially faster if it were invested into a savings bond for example. I’m still very new to all of this and plan to expand on this topic as I learn more myself but for those that don’t realize this, there is a big difference in saving and investing.

Thanks for reading, comment down below if you have any opinions to share or if you want to share some of your knowledge on this topic.

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