Update 7/5/17

Hey guys, this post is a continuation from a series that I hoped to abandon once I began my YouTube journey but I figured why not continue on. Basically these “Update” posts will reference where I am personally on this journey as opposed to the general posts with educational or motivational content that I publish. In other words, if you don’t care about me you don’t have to read these posts titled “Update.” They’re kind of a self reflection in a sense so a major purpose for them is for me to be able to look back on them to track my progress.

It’s currently 7:21 pm est on Wednesday June 5th (when I started writing), 2017 and I’m about to go spend more time playing tennis with friends. Lately I’ve been feeling as if my time spent playing tennis is a waste as I could be using it more productively but I must admit that I play tennis many times throughout the week and it serves as my source of exercise.

I’m happy and still very excited at this beginning point on my journey with this blog and my social media. My blog continues to grow and I’m connecting with so many great writers. I need to put forth more effort towards my online class and YouTube channel as I’ve been slacking with both. My attention lately has been on building my business and putting my work from home mentality/dreams into play. I’ve been spending hours upon hours watching videos on eCommerce, drop shipping, amazon’s FBA program, blogging, affiliate marketing, and even photography. I’m also hoping to publish my own eBook(s). I have so many things I plan to do and thankfully with a whole year’s worth of undergrad left it truly feels as if I have some time to build my business while getting my degree. Getting the degree in my opinion feels like just a backup plan in case I’m unable to create the lifestyle that I want to live. The degree program I’m in doesn’t even match my career goals honestly.

My social group and I will be doing some business through Amazon’s FBA program very soon hopefully as we’ve purchased Tanner J Fox’s “Amazon Seller Mastery” Course. This for sure was super motivational and uplifting as for any young person, to see the results Tanner has had you’d figure why can’t you have/achieve those same results.

That’s basically where I am as of now. I plan to have new videos on my channel before August using my new Nikon D3400. I’m so excited to see where my YouTube channel can go as my creativity causes me to see potential everywhere. I plan to bring so much content to my channel and hopefully get to meet other YouTubers in my area if not bring together a community here.

Thanks so much for reading, if you enjoyed and want more posts like this please be sure to let me know in the comments. Also follow my blog if you haven’t already as I post daily! Be sure to browse through my older posts, you never know what you’re missing out on!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel as that’s another place where you’ll get to see me producing great stuff: click here

If you want to support me on this journey you can grab one of my limited edition T-shirts for only about $26 USD which includes shipping. Please, if you want to help and this price is too much for you please let me know and I’ll discount the price as much as it takes I didn’t get to set the prices on these. The design is temporary so if you grab one be sure to let me know and I’ll include you on this blog or on my YouTube channel! The link to the shirt is here


4 thoughts on “Update 7/5/17

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, it feels great to actually hear back from people you know? Yes I honestly feel as if I have both but sometimes it feels as if I lose my sense of direction since I’m still just starting out. Thankfully people like you and Alyssa who commented on another posts of mine give me hope to keep going. I appreciate all the support and will definitely be there to support you, please consider me a friend! I’m forreals gonna have to steal that tinder ppt idea from you haha!

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      1. Hey we have enough critics in this world, not enough encouragers! I have similar pursuits, so I understand where you are coming from. I try to stay motivated to pursue my dreams. Definitely tell me how your power point works out for you!

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      2. That is so true, well I’m so glad we were able to meet here, I will for sure keep up with your blog and any other projects you’re working on to support. If I get more than 2 matches I’ll probably be contacting you to pay you!


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