Enjoy the little things

Sometimes the smallest things in life can make the biggest differences. Going out with my family two days ago to see the fireworks in celebration of Independence Day was much needed. For those few moments of seeing the awesome fireworks here in RVA nothing else seemed to matter. If you allow your mind to take focus off of everything else and just appreciate that one little thing in front of you, your mentality, your focus, your appreciation of the bigger picture can completely change.

Thanks for reading guys, be sure to follow my blog for more and share with your friends and family! I’m working at this everyday, basically living that laptop lifestyle I highlighted for you guys in a previous post. I don’t mean to spam you guys that are already following me but I’m only just beginning with this journey and I have so many topics and ideas to bring to this blog. Also for my current followers if you’re fortunate enough to be reading this post be on the lookout for another update post tomorrow where I’ll be posting my goals and progress that I mentioned that I’d do for you guys a while back.

I’m also gonna be tracking this journey through my YouTube channel so for those of you that want to support me and/or keep up with this progress be sure to subscribe to my channel here

Also for those that want to support me and my brand I do have a T-shirt (roughly $25 USD including shipping) on the market that will only be available for a limited time. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I will be expanding my products into a store on that same platform as well as creating my own web store through Shopify very soon. Again, for those that want to support me and want to work together I am willing to sell these temporary shirts for the most minimal price possible as I’m only trying to raise awareness with these. If you do purchase one for any price I will feature you on my blog and/or YouTube channel. The link to my shirt is here


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