Life can progress and regress 

You have to realize that life can change in an instant. One choice can make things significantly better or worse. All too often this thought is brought about in negative situations where we then try to hope for something better but things can also go much worse than expected. Nothing in life is permanent so if things aren’t the way you want them to be you have to make a change. Change won’t happen by itself, at least not a good change in most cases.

You have to want more. I began having this thought more and more lately when considering myself and others in my own life. You have to want more out of life. What does that mean? There’s so much more to life than any of us could even imagine. How could you know that you don’t want to travel internationally if you’ve never traveled before? And this is a bad example as many people have no aspirations to see all of the planet. But you have to want more. Whatever you dream about, aspire to have or be, you need to go after it. You at least have to give yourself that chance to be better as without this hope you’ll lose content and overall purpose in life.

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