Post 6: Friends

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to keep and maintain friendships and if you can relate then hopefully this post provides some benefit for you.

Throughout our lives people will come and go, we all know that. It is of course possible to establish friends for life while in grade school but we all have our own lives to live and most often our goals take us in different directions.

I myself have had many friends at times only to soon be met with situations where I only have a few people to regularly socialize with. I personally agree with what I’ve learn during my Social Psychology course that we as humans are social beings. That we need each other to survive. If I were to go back to grade school and do that process all over the main thing and most important thing to me that I would change is how I used and interacted with others. I would’ve started this blog much much sooner. As mentioned in my post on “Why Should I Create,” you never know what impact you can have on others or even what impact they could then provide for you.

Besides this aspect of people and us being social I also don’t think that we should place too much emphasis on friendships. We can categorize people as a friend, a best friend, an associate, or even a friend on probation but it all comes down to whether the relationship is mutual and beneficial or not.

If you have to reach out heavily to someone to get their attention I would really take their situation into consideration before going out of my way to do anything for them which doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they aren’t a friend.

We all know other signs of a non-beneficial relationship and I truly believe that these relationships that we have play a major impact on our lives. For example, if you’re in an unhealthy relationship with a significant other, how could you expect to be as happy and content with every other aspect of your life. Or to even be able to perform at your best when you’re dealing with the stress at home.

The idea that it’s not what you know, rather who you know, has definitely proven true in many cases throughout my life. This statement can apply to both getting to you places and resources which you may not have been able to before or even in a negative context as used above where this awful partner keeps you from going out and doing things or meeting other people that would change your life completely.

The simple fact is you get to choose who your friends are. I take these same ideas into consideration everyday when I choose to go out and do anything. If I want to go hang out with this friend today I know may be met with these possibilities or even how they could impact my day. Or in reverse, I choose not to hang out with these people for a while because I simply am not at the right place or they may not be, which could take me further away from where I want to be. How you live your life is solely dictated by you. The relationships you enter and dismiss play a big role in my opinion although as your standard Psych study would prove, sometimes these relationships may play no role at all.

If you’re working towards anything or are facing any kinds of situations I simply think that you should also consider how other people have or have not impacted you.

Thanks for reading guys, comment down below if you agree or disagree.

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2 thoughts on “Post 6: Friends

  1. Great read and I definitely agree with what you have written! It’s important to choose your friends carefully as I always notice they have a huge impact on my mood and my way of thinking. I also find myself not putting people into categories of “friends, best friends” … I wouldn’t even say I have a best friend. I simply try my hardest to stay in touch with people who matter, whatever they might be to me.

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