Why should I create content?

Everyone has a voice and I believe that we as people choose that one voice has more authority or power over another. I’ve heard many times in these videos I’ve been watching that many people don’t take action with some things because they are “over saturated” or dominated by a few. I personally don’t like the phrase over saturated, at least not when used in this context. Why avoid spreading your message, letters others hear your voice, or even trying at all when you can’t know for fact how others will accept you. Quite frankly I believe the best content creators are those that don’t create their content with the sole consideration of their audience anyways. To truly achieve success, to truly be happy with your work, and to truly produce your best quality content you must do it from your heart.

So why should you share your beliefs/interests?

Because you owe it to yourself.

Because you never know what impact it may have on others.

Let’s go get it done.
Keep It Simple

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