Update 7/7/17

Hey guys, for those of you that are new to my blog/and or don’t know about me welcome! I’m Derrick, I go by DJ on most of my social media, most noted as DJ Edits on YouTube.

This post is gonna be a good one. For my followers I hope that you take the time to read this one as I have a bunch of positive updates for you guys. I’m also gonna be promoting this post specifically in whatever ways possible, I may even run a paid ad campaign directly to this post (I won’t lol.)

Long story short my posts titled “Update” are reflections on my life for both you guys to follow my journey and for me to keep track of how I’m progressing. I’ve been running this series since I created this blog back in the middle of 2016. I recently revamped this site to promote my brand Keep It Simple as that’s where my true passions reside. I’ve put so much time and effort into social media and other online platforms to both develop myself and to then be able to give back and help those who are or have been in similar situations as to where I was. 🙂

I’m currently studying Exercise Science in college with no aspirations to work in the health field. With roughly $40,000 in student loan debt I cannot afford to switch majors or to even continue my education at another university. With that being said I continuously strive to explore my options in the health field while networking and developing skills in other areas. I have several backup ideas and worst case scenario I thankfully come from a supportive background that would provide support as I found my way.

My goal of course, is to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I’ve already experienced the highs and lows of hourly wages and if I could I’d prefer to escape the mentality of trying to be paid what I’m worth. Rather, I desire to establish my business and live a lifestyle doing what I actually enjoy, with money not being the main consideration.

Anyways, the good stuff. As you guys can see on the photo I included from my phone, today we’ve hit a milestone. Most likes in a single day, which is now slightly higher than what the photo shows. I’m so happy with how this blog is growing and I don’t plan on going anywhere. I had previously been saying that I would purchase a domain for this blog which would allow me to place ads around my content to earn a profit. I’ve recently decided that I will not be doing this, at least not for the moment. I’m more so excited with the growth and feedback we’ve been experiencing than the idea of making money right now.

So much to say, expect another update entry probably early next week!

Thankfully I’ve finally learned how to use a few more of the revenue generating platforms we have here on the internet and a few I’ve already begun using. I’m so excited to begin working from home, to actually have a system in place where I could spend more of if not all of my time creating videos as a YouTuber for example. That for sure is the goal for me right now. To not have to go work at retail or in some over crowded gym is why I continue to search for more. Everyday I learn little by little and I can’t wait to share with those that are either on the same path and/or too want to learn this information.

I don’t want to bore you guys or to begin to become redundant so I will stop here. Thanks so much for reading guys, be sure to LIKE this post if you support the journey I’m on.


Thank you guys so so much for all the support it truly means a lot. As some of you may know I’ve taken occasional breaks as I often get discouraged but I am so motivated and happy with all the support you guys have been giving me lately.

I also wanted to give a huge thanks to Paul Dirac, be sure to type that name in the wordpress reader and give this guy some support. Getting feedback always feels great and I appreciate all of you that read my posts.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel! If you like what I’m doing here on this blog then you’ll enjoy my videos more, trust me. My channel is here

I’m going to speak with a Teespring representative hopefully next week to see if I can offer the shirts for free and if you’d be willing to wear one I’d truly appreciate it. Please let me know down in the comments if you’d accept a free shirt and maybe just share the photo or leave some comments here on my blog. As I mentioned before the shirts are not for my own benefit I simply want to raise awareness for my brand and social media. If you just want to purchase one and/or you want to contribute to the brand just know that I am willing to discount the prices down as far as you’d like! The link to the shirts is here


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