Revenue is Revenue

I recently heard this saying while watching in Roberto Blakes’ live stream and yet again he has provided content that I firmly stand behind. I’ll leave a link down below to his channel for those that want to check him out. He does a lot on content creation and motivational talks for small brands. If you do check him out and like what he says be sure to tell him I sent you! Roberto Blake

We of course don’t and shouldn’t do things solely for profit but when considering your price for your product or service, revenue is revenue. I have an entire post dedicated to this topic on my other blog which I’ll link below also but I may expand on that topic here. Every penny counts. If you’re doing what you love you’ll for sure be much happier with whatever pay comes with as opposed to doing something you don’t enjoy solely for more money. Money doesn’t fulfill happiness. You’ll certainly be happy in the beginning but the money won’t guarantee overall happiness.

The goal of course is to find something you enjoy and to be the best, with your deserved return in response. If you can make something more enjoyable for yourself while maintaining the money you seek then all power to you.

In contrast to the first topic, don’t just settle for anything. You have to know your value in this world as people will take advantage of you. I spoke a little on this in Post 4. If you’re good at what you do, don’t accept the minimal pay someone else wants give you. That may work out for a first job or in really tough situations but overall you should strive for your best. When you perform your best you should be rewarded and if you aren’t then maybe working for yourself is your best bet.

Thanks for reading guys, hope this stuff helps.

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