Work Online: Surveys through Opinion Outpost

Hey guys just a quick post from me on online surveys. Some of you may not like these posts so I’ve titled them “Work Online.” I may even feature some of this content on my channel as it does help some people, even myself. Basically when I find legitimate things to do to make money online I’ll share them here in this category. As most of you know by now I hope, my brand represents productivity and making life a little easier for people in a sense.

I personally have used this platform, Opinion Outpost, and have had REAL results with them. I’ve been using them for a while actually and of course didn’t give them much attention as you won’t make much. However, as I just noted in my last post, every penny counts. I’ve made about $25 USD total working with them and have already cashed out and used $5 for a recent purchase. There are so many legitimate survey sites out there as big companies actually need this data so if any of you guys have any others to share both my community and I would truly appreciate it. I will also post anymore legitimate sites I find in this same category.

I’ve read a lot about Amazon Mechanical Turk which I will leave my review upon once I have given it a try.

Thanks for reading guys.

You can sign up for free of course at Opinion Outpost in the link below. By signing up through my link I simply get a few extra cents towards my balance.


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