Imagine the potential

DJ Edits

I believe that the most important aspect of being an entrepreneur is one’s ability to see the potential in something. This directly ties into the widely accepted idea that entrepreneurs have a good sense of imagination or free thinking. Entrepreneurs are able to somehow see a problem in the world, or something that even simply be missing from the world, and then provide a solution to that problem. If you think about it, it’s really simple. We don’t have a way to communicate from far distances and once introduced to phones we imagined being able to see each other while at different locations. Thus we were introduced to FaceTime. The problem to solution method only make sense and if you ask me, if you can see the potential in something, becoming an entrepreneur is a great way to live your life.

To be imaginative and free thinking also can can be used to describe content creators as we are in a sense entrepreneurs. Running your own blog can be just as much of a business as running an advertising agency in my opinion. With that being said I think that it would be highly beneficial for a society such as ours to promote and support small business as the potential that they offer could only improve the society over all. Diversity most often supports business and the market as a whole in my opinion so if we all ran our businesses to the best of our ability and supported each other, well imagine that.

Thanks for reading guys.

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