Update 7/12/17

Hey guys just wanted to give you all a quick update, I need to just start doing these on my YouTube channel also. It’s so difficult for me to go out and film. Both finding the motivation and finding ideas is what troubles me and the sad part is my personal reflections I do here are enough material for a full Vlog. As far as motivation, I really like to see results honestly and I just need to be patient as I knew when I started that my channel would’ve grown overnight. If you all want to support me please checkout my channel DJ Edits as I’m uploading regularly there now.

I really wanted to bring in some photos for this post as I did in a previous post with my results but I honestly haven’t accrued any results just yet. I haven’t made a penny off of my blog, YouTube channel, or any of my affiliate programs but I’m so motivated and exciting to be doing them all. I love blogging now and will continue to do it even if it comes with no revenue. I’ve always love editing and am so excited to meet and film new projects with people for my channel. Regarding affiliate marketing; the purpose for this post. I just launched my first campaign on Pinterest with my affiliate links in it! I was super super excited to even get into their affiliate program which was free of course, but to then find a free traffic source to promote too; I was extremely happy. Wish me luck guys as I’ve been spending so much time trying to learn this stuff and once I’ve gotten my first sale I may end up going out and celebrating lol.

I launched a $5 campaign for 5 days (I’m broke) so I’ll get back to you guys everyday this week with updates.

Thanks for reading.

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