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It’s literally an addiction now. I have to tell myself not to post too much here on this blog which is really why I decided to open a additional blog on blogger’s platform. Lately I’ve been trying to write something everyday and I also want to begin reading more as I haven’t read a book cover to cover in years. In fact, it’s a rare occasion for me to even open one of my textbooks for my classes I’m in.

If you guys don’t know I also have decided to try daily vlogging or atleast daily uploading on my YouTube channel DJ Edits. It truly does take some level of confidence to speak to a camera as I can honestly say that it has taken many attempts to film the few videos I currently have on my channel. By challenging myself with a goal of daily uploads I hope to not only gain traction for my channel but also to meet new people both online and off as well as to become more socially confident. Wish me luck!

I think that everyone has a story to tell and that by building our own personal brands we as individuals can all live the lives we aspire to have. I currently have no online success whatsoever but as we’ve seen with other bloggers and content creators on platforms such as YouTube, you can literally change your life. Whether you want to travel, acquire nice materials, or just meet new people by pursuing and chasing your dreams even through just your personal brand in 2017 anything is possible.

By 2018 I hope to truly have everything ready to fully promote Keep It Simple as a brand and to be able to begin helping other people realize everything that I’ve learned and am working on to also live the lives they want to.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

I just uploaded a video on my progress with affiliate marketing -> DJ Edits

If you want to support me you can purchase one of my DJ Edits T-Shirts -> DJ Edits


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