Simple Tips: Finding your passion

This was a topic I struggled with for a long time. I remained an undeclared major in college for the full time allotted; 2 years and a semester or 75 credits. Finding your passion means so much more than just what do you do in your free time or even what you mostly do on a daily basis. Ultimately your passion in life, what you’ll do your best at will be something that you would do if money were no object. It would be or involve something that you would do for no pay as it simply brings joy to you. It brings a joy to you that you would have even though others around you may not also feel.

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As I said, I spent a lot of time trying to find out what is was that I could see myself doing for “the rest of my life.” The truth is, for any college students that may read this, there’s almost no way you’ll know what it is that you would want to do for the rest of your life even if you had all the money in the world and didn’t have to settle for any one thing for the rest of your life. Think of it this way, if you had millions of dollars as some people do, today you may want to go driving around in fast expensive cars and by tomorrow you’ll end up in another country jet skiing or skydiving.

Rather than looking for any particular category of work I think a good way to find your passion could involve things you simply like or enjoy. If you don’t like sitting for hours and hours, chances are you won’t like working in an office or lobby. By narrowing down what you like and dislike you can then look at work settings for particular jobs and then deduce whether you’d want to even work that job for a single day. There are many online resources (websites, surveys, videos) that can break down every aspect of pretty much every JOB we have available.

I also remember thinking, how could I know if I would want to do something if I’ve never done it or seen it in action. The unfortunate truth is that most often this is reality. In many cases you grow up and go to school only to end up working and living your life all the same area you born in. I personally believe that we as people should want things to be better, that we should want to be better. I think that we are not limited to what we are handed, rather we must go out and get the things that want in life. With that being said, if you don’t have access to people/careers that you’re interested in then you have to make the best of it. If you’ve given all attempts, tried contacting and meeting with people working the job you’re interested in only to still be in the same situation then what you find through your research will have to be your answer. In most cases you can learn everything you need to know about a job online however.

If you’re like me then you don’t/won’t look for specific jobs. I tend to just look for things I’m simply really interested in whether it involves “real” jobs or not. Chances are if you’re interested in something such as video games you’re gonna be passionate enough with it that if you spent all your effort researching ways to make money behind it you’ll find them.

Best of luck guys, hope this helps.
Thanks for reading.

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