Keep It Simple; Update December 2017

Hey guys,

It’s been quite a while. It also has been a heck of a journey with this blog and I just want to say thank you so much to each and every one of you who have read our postings, followed the blogged, and shown any support for what we do. Keep It Simple has gone no where but up I’m happy to say. And I just want to take the time now to point you guys over to my other social media and content platforms where, the brand goes on.

My Personal YouTube channel, tons of good content involving my journey through my last year of college also showing my process to becoming an entrepreneur tracking my experiences with Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping, and Personal Branding.

My merch, rather than ask for donations I’ve created my own little T-Shirt business where those who want to support can do so, the shirts are $40 through this platform but I’d discount the price down to $5 for anyone who actually supports what we’re building.

My Personal IG where I’ll be showing both my life and maybe some financial reports/updates on how the business is doing.

The “Keep It Simple” Facebook Group

The “Laptop Lifestyle” Facebook Group

Okay that’s enough of the links but I want to make sure that you guys here, my supporters that really got things started, received the updated platforms I’m using. I’m currently pushing out weekly videos on the YouTube channel and the rest I’m still getting together. The brand name may have changed but the idea behind Keep It Simple remains. My most loyal readers and supporters would know, I believe that there needs to be a change in the education system. I believe that anyone could achieve their goals no matter how far they want to go if they were given some insight, some kind of sense of how money is truly made. I formed my business Keep It Simple with the idea of it becoming an educational based business for anyone, young people especially, to be able to go and learn how to live a lifestyle where they could do whatever it is that they want to do and have whatever it is they want.

Nowadays however, everyone is doing this. Maybe you guys don’t notice it, which if you don’t then you especially need to go follow my new content platforms and you’ll really see what’s going on. I am the guy who is going to educate myself on what’s really making people nowadays, how people are able to turn their passions into profits and live their lives on their own terms. I created my YouTube channel with the specific intent of being able to show people that a not so confident (as I currently am) college kid with no real projections of becoming a millionaire let alone making a 6 figure income, is then able to use what we all currently have readily available to us to become a millionaire. I wanna motivate and educate people, I want to inspire others to move forward in life and to leave negativity behind. We can’t change the past so we have to just make plans and build things for the future.

Regarding education, as many other YouTubers are doing nowadays, I plan to make videos showing step by step, and not only this, I’ll be recording and documenting as I’m trying this stuff for myself. If I can do it, you darn sure can do it and best believe I will do it and I will succeed. I plan to show people my exact profits and expenses along the road down to every penny I spend on every aspect. I’m not gonna claim to be the only one doing this and I certainly won’t claim to be perfect or to know the “right” way, but I’m hoping that people will be able to relate to me by seeing my struggles and to then too follow their dreams and fight the fear of not trying.

Now what is it that I personally will be doing?

I actually am short on time and therefore won’t be going into much depth here. If you’re serious about learning these business platforms I’m about to share with you below or if you support my brand and what I’m doing then go follow/like/join/subscribe to all my social media stuff above. Believe me when I say, I’m going no where anytime soon and I will absolutely be always providing value to those that support me through my content.

Affiliate Marketing
I am currently an affiliate for a few programs, currently working on creating Landing Pages & E-mail Marketing.

I will be working with Shopify primarily, I currently have 2 niches in mind. Also my business partner and I will be working to have a few products through Amazon FBA.

Personal Branding
As I mentioned to you guys earlier, I’m trying to push out a lot of YouTube videos. I love editing, I love video but also it’s so much easier for me to share information and resources through that platform. I also have an autobiographical site which will serve as my focal point to refer businesses and clients to, I’ll link it below.

And that’s pretty much it, I’ve actually linked those models in order of importance to me right now although YouTube is a huge priority for me right now just because I want to grow that following rather quickly. I hope you guys will join me on my new platforms and continue to support me, I will try to post here somewhat regularly as I try to decide how to approach my businesses and whether I’ll create new sites for them, whether I’ll be using the branding I have now, and whether I can afford to change things. Anyways if you enjoyed this post, if you enjoyed this blog and what I’ve done, 34 followers with tons of views for the blog please share this post around. WordPress certainly isn’t the easiest platform for sharing, not for free at least, and I just want to continue helping others.

I’m currently working on Fiverr, I’m still doing my tennis jobs alongside playing, building this business, and trying to keep my grades going good as we’re down to the last semester! But it’s been a long and tough road, I can’t wait to see what 2018 has for us. Anyways guys, thanks again, I’m now going to my new daily blog over on my new blog (click here to check it out) so I’ll see you guys in the next one.

My Main Website

Thanks for reading.


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