Update 7/12/17

Hey guys just wanted to give you all a quick update, I need to just start doing these on my YouTube channel also. It’s so difficult for me to go out and film. Both finding the motivation and finding ideas is what troubles me and the sad part is my personal reflections I do here […]

Marketing basics: social media

If you don’t see the potential behind having a huge following on social media apps then this post is for you. As an entrepreneur or marketer these apps are probably the most leverage platform used for making sales in 2017. There are probably more people using social media apps for longer amounts of time if […]

Post 1: Introduction/ Lesson 1

What they didn’t teach us in school/what you won’t learn from school.  No matter your goals and aspirations in life there are many important life lessons we must all learn that in most cases are not provided by our schooling system. The social media marketing guru Tai Lopez mentioned financial freedom as one of the […]