Making Moves. 7/24

As promised, my last post was deleted a little earlier today and I want to say thank you so much to those that took the time to read it. As I shift gears here with this website I hope that you’ll stay tuned as big things are coming very soon. First and foremost thank you […]

Blog & Vlog

It’s literally an addiction now. I have to tell myself not to post too much here on this blog which is really why I decided to open a additional blog on blogger’s platform. Lately I’ve been trying to write something everyday and I also want to begin reading more as I haven’t read a book […]

Why the system works

The system works because we allow it to. Just like anything else, we humans built this system so of course it will work. Yet on the contrary, because we built it, of course it wouldn’t work forever. Whether you’re a true patriot or you have your disagreements with the system I think that we can […]

Post 7: Don’t worry about things you can’t change

What’s in the past we can’t change. You can’t spend so much energy on things you can’t change otherwise you won’t be able to move forward. Those things you did have control over, you will end up not making your best effort or best selection with if you’re mindset is focused on something that’s already […]