Update 8/9/17

9 days, well 30 minutes from 10 days into August and today is my first day blogging in August.

July was a great month, it now stands as the month with the most views for my blog. So much is going on lately but with the semester rapidly approaching things will only become even busier. I’m gonna be teaching my lessons a bit more, I’m gonna be stressing over school a lot more, and for sure I’ll be here working on my business even more than any of it.

I’ve now settled down to a stage of choosing an audience or niche to work with which will then tell me which route of business I’ll begin focusing on. I’ve been doing a lot of studying. A lot.

Eventually I want to work in web development, affiliate marketing, video through YouTube primarily, e-commerce through Shopify, drop shipping through Amazon FBA, e-book publishing, and even graphic design. Basically I want to maximize my ability to work remotely haha. That’s the goal, no matter the salary I’d largely prefer to live as an entrepreneur.

I promise I’ll be back here to reflect and communicate more with you guys soon but tomorrow is another work day.

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One Year Anniversary

I received an alert today from WordPress saying that today is my 1 year anniversary of being on this platform. That is amazing to me, time truly does move quickly and never seems to pause. 1 whole year has gone by and certainly this blog has come a long way but as of course I have a whole new set of goals for both this blog, my other blog, and any other blogs that I create for the near future. Basically when I saw this notice for being on here for a whole year I was taken back, there are plenty things I haven’t accomplished since starting this blog as well as many things that I have.

As most of my usual readers would know I’m now working around affiliate marketing, E-commerce through Shopify, selling products with FBA, YouTube, marketing, sales, and even computer programming. I have come so far in terms of learning what’s out there/what things I enjoy and by this time next year I plan to be so much further ahead. I’m currently working on brand building with social media and email marketing as well as attempting to start either my Shopify store or Affiliate marketing business. That’s pretty much where I am as of Aug 1st 2017, I will either be focusing on acquiring traffic for my store or my marketing funnel. Honestly I’d love to be doing both, having both fully established by Aug 1st 2018.

I just wanna say thank you guys so much for reading my posts and following me through this. I currently have 34 followers here on this blog, 34 subscribers on my YouTube channel, as a bunch of followers between my Instagram accounts. I am also working on growing a following on my personal facebook account as well as my page dedicated to my YouTube channel and am excited for what’s to come next.

By the start of my classes for this Fall semester (Aug 25) I will have either my Shopify store up and running or some kind of campaign set up for my affiliate program. I also really want to begin uploading daily on my YouTube channel by this date, my biggest issue has been trying to become comfortable in front of the camera but I believe that this will help me to become a better person. Anyways, all of this stuff will be done! These blogs are just for documenting my process and we will progress!

Thanks for reading!

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College Degrees Not Worth the Investment

Hey guys this is just the first posting for a topic that I’m sure will be highlighted for years to come on this blog. Is it worth getting your college degree?

But today what I have for you guys is an article that speaks to 10 degrees that the publisher of the article has declared as not worth the investment. I will leave a link below for those that want to check it out but I’m gonna speak on those 10 degrees here in this post.

#1. Philosophy
#2. Tourism
#3. Education
#4. Communications
#5. Psychology
#6. Fashion Design
#7. Sociology
#8. Liberal Arts
#9. Fine Arts
#10. Criminal Justice

Firstly, as a first in the family to go to college, I had no idea there were degrees in things such as tourism or fashion design. I don’t know about you guys but I see some similarities between/things these majors have in common. I have even heard myself in classes that getting a degree in art will be rewarding for an aspiring artist, however not financially rewarding. I myself am really saddened to hear things like this as people everyday prove that you can do whatever it is that you want in life and become successful. I think that many people who do go for a degree such as Fine Arts will ultimately settle for some job that works for them which is why we can then make a general statement on how a certain degree is not worth the investment.

This topic will be covered in another blog so be sure to follow my blog to stay updated! Thank you guys so much for reading and please if you have any opinions leave me some feedback. For those that didn’t get it, I do think it’s important to go to college however my brand, Keep It Simple, stands for educating people on the options and most important aspects of life.

See you guys in the next one!

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If you wanna checkout the article click here

Profits are better than wages

I am working everyday to make this title a reality for me and my life. This will definitely stand as a benchmark for what I’ll be promoting and sharing from my story once I’ve reached my desired level of success. This title stands for both its literal definition as well as the metaphorical theme that I absolutely believe in. Why settle for what’s guaranteed, for what someone else dictates for you in wages? I believe that no one will be able to afford me, there is certain amount that matches the level of professionalism, dedication, and passion that I bring into what I do. We see this same attitude in only those that stand for something different, whether for better or worse however different nonetheless. For those that didn’t get that: I’d rather fail on my journey in life trying to make a living as a professional tennis player than settle for some simple job doing the same thing over everyday that I don’t enjoy.

Profits are always better than wages. The fact that some people in the world are able to make others’ yearly salaries in a matter of days is simply mind blowing to me. How would life be for you if money were no issue? To me making $3000 monthly sounds nice while many people are able to profit that same amount in a few days. I’ve been stuck in the cloud of the majority’s thinking that everything online is a scam or that there is no way to make such money online and as of today I am happy to say that no longer stands. It for sure takes a lot of work to get anywhere online and I am so excited to see how far my group and I can get. I am also kind of even more excited to document this journey through both these blogs and my YouTube channel and I hope you guys will enjoy what I have to offer.

Thanks for reading.

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The 12 Year Old CEO


In recent news, a 12 year old girl acquired a $60,000 investment on the TV show “Shark Tank” and a contract with Whole Foods. That in my opinion is absolutely amazing, to be so young and already so mentally sharp. As you’ll note if you checkout the article in the link above, her company is Me & the Bees Lemonade which was created with the intent of saving bees while using her Great Grandmother’s lemonade recipe. Another awesome entrepreneur on the way up!

Hey guys, leave me some comments below I need some motivation to pick up my camera and record more!
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A big part of growing and developing as a person involves meeting new people and I honestly think that this is a very important aspect of life. You never know how others can influence you. Just by saying hello you could end up with a new friend for life that provides all the support and fulfillment you need. I find it so amazing how social groups can just form all of sudden and in many cases are formed all of sudden in the most random settings.

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Making Moves. 7/24

As promised, my last post was deleted a little earlier today and I want to say thank you so much to those that took the time to read it. As I shift gears here with this website I hope that you’ll stay tuned as big things are coming very soon. First and foremost thank you so much to all 31 of my current followers on my blog, I know that not all of you are updated/then go on to read all of my posts but I appreciate all of you. This site will soon become the main platform for my brand Keep It Simple

If you don’t know about my brand please head over to the page titled “Keep It Simple” and you’ll learn everything you need to know.

Because this site will serve as the main platform for my brand I decided to create a second blog where I can personally reflect on a daily basis as I continue to grow as a writer; check it out here.
Here on this blog I will primarily be posting content relating to my brand and information that serves a direct purpose. With that being said, I am not a professional and therefore will often times post content that I go on to eventually go on to delete. In some cases I create these posts with the intent of deleting it and sometimes I may delete a post after rereading it and deciding that it isn’t the best that I can provide. For those post that I inform you guys with my intent to delete I usually provide some beneficial information that I only want to have posted for a limited time. I plan on doing this on all of my social platforms as many others do as I really want to keep my active readers/supports engaged and rewarded for keeping up with me.

Although most of my traffic does not come from this blog yet I will announce to you guys that I do have a second Instagram account where I post updates on my progress with everything going on in my life, @Yt_DJ_Edits
You can also use my created hashtag, #ytdjedits 🙂

I am just so excited for what’s to come, this journey has been quite amazing thus far. I’m learning so much regarding having a business, e-commerce, shopify, affiliate marketing, and content creation. It really has been a shock to learn so much in so little time and everyday I try to take some action to get me closer to my goals. If you guys don’t already know from my previous posts, I’ve already launched advertising campaigns on YouTube and Pinterest and while only losing money I honestly have learned a lot. As stated in a previous post, there is such a big difference in saving versus investing although with both you honestly just need to know what you’re doing. There’s so many routes you can take with either option and I definitely recommend doing both!

As I said before I have only made about $25 dollars online, all from online surveys. Please if you’ve made it this far go to my YouTube channel DJ Edits as I am planning to document my journey with ads there daily through vlogs. I already have one video up for you guys to see and I honestly am pushing myself everyday to create these videos. Back to my first point, I’ve made basically no money online but I’ve recently joined quite a few affiliate programs and am in the process of building my affiliate business. Sometimes I wish that I had other people to do this stuff with but then after thinking I realize that only I have the motivation needed for myself to acquire the goals that I have. Therefore I am better off doing this alone, but you guy’s support makes such a big difference and I truly appreciate everyone who reads my blogs or watches my videos.

Anyways guys, thanks for reading. I WILL make a new update vlog tomorrow on my channel, you guys are the first to hear.

I’ll see you guys soon

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